The Mirror-Like World as New Year’s Ally

The vivid world

Good morning everyone!

The child is born, the candles are lit, the days grow longer again. The celebrations are soon over, and it’s time to enjoy ourselves.

At sea, the sun rises from the edge of the world and the ship’s crew rises with it. We scrub the decks and polish the brass before breakfast. When the ship is clean and shiny, she becomes a worthy mirror for the new day, a mirror that reflects back to us the best we each have to offer.

In the city, my cooking pot is clean and bright, and my oatmeal bowl is patterned in blue. There is a chip in the rim, which fits my thumb nicely, and brings a moment of sharpness and attention when I touch it.

In  the dojo, the Aikido master Wendy Palmer works with her Japanese teacher to bring the fullness of herself to her training. Her teacher cries out to her, “I want to see your NOBLE. I want to see your AWESOME. I want to see your SHINY.”

Shinning the mirrorOur noble awesome shiny is with us always, of course. But when it’s hard to find, the world can be our mirror. Polishing our brass, cleaning our pot, touching the sharpness of real things, whatever we do to make the world bright and vivid makes life mirror-like. The mirror commands us, and the command is, “See this noble awesome shiny. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourSELF.”

When this command is hard to give, the mirror-like world can give it for us.

I wish you all a new year full of your most noble awesome shiny.


  1. Thanks Crane. Reminds me that my office needs to be cleaned and shined. I have a shelf in the corner above and behind my desk on which I have objects to remind me of my good fortune. Each morning when I get to my desk I fill a small cup with water, in gratitude for life’s abundance.

    I hope your new year is full of peace and happiness.


    • Great reflection on the mirror principle, Crane! It was great to be able to share a little table time at CAPS with you, even though we didn’t have a chance to chat much. Hopefully the next time we meet, there will be a longer opportunity to do so.

      All the very best for this holiday season, and I hope 2016 is shiny for you in every way possible!


  2. Great reminder to tidy up and allow the world to shine back on us. All the best Crane for a prosperous new year!

  3. Thank you, Crane. A wonderful piece about how the world is our mirror and how we can work with it to become our best selves.

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