Customized Executive Performance Coaching

As the mental performance coach for the Canadian Olympic Sailing Team says,

“The mind is the athlete.”

It’s not your skills, it’s your attitude, that gets you to the top.

This is just as true of your executive performance. It’s not your grasp of finance, your brilliance at marketing, or your excellent people skills that make you a great leader. It’s how well you work with your state of mind, all day long, even under pressure.

  • How much do you notice your attitude, moment by moment throughout the day?
  • How quickly can you adjust your attitude to avoid your habitual pitfalls?
  • How well can you create the mental space you need to see clearly, even under pressure?

To become a truly generous leader, you have to start with yourself.


  • Stronger habits of regular personal practice for self-assessment and self-correction in your leadership.
  • Increased ability to reconnect with your personal best on the spot, whenever it’s needed.
  • Greater clarity and freshness of mind throughout the day.
  • Greater skill at managing your “inner condition” as a leader.

Video: How to Lead Your Team Beyond Fear

“Crane is a fantastic leadership mentor. I worked with Crane for over seven months. He has an amazing ability to uncover details that you may have glossed over, and gets you asking questions you would have never thought of. I wholeheartedly recommend Crane to anyone who wants to take another look at their leadership qualities or team dynamic. Even if your team or leadership style is strong to begin with, he will help you strengthen it further, and make it thrive.”  Don Dauphine, Director, Business Process and IT, Maritime Travel