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A Short Guide to Stopping Practice
A Short Guide to Stopping Practice

When we’re stuck in the mental claustrophobia that comes from all the pressures of the day crowding in around us, we need a way to reconnect with the more unencumbered frame of mind that is the source of our personal best.

This Mini-Book gives you simple instructions for the most popular of Crane’s “Stopping Practices,” to give yourself a fresh start and find your personal best on the spot, even under

Attitude is a Choice
Attitude is a Choice – “The Mind-Expanding Sea”
The pocket-size version of the “claustrophobia and space” metaphor from Tall Ships at sea, that Crane features in his Attitude Management presentations. A parable, told with stunning pictures, about how the sea can teach us to get unstuck from our “mental claustrophobia,” and find our personal  best.

Leadership Slogans

The Mini-Book of Leadership Slogans
  • Leader-Dependence is Not Good for Performance
  • Keep it Real – Let the Work do the Engaging
  • It’s Not About Me
  • It’s All About Me

And many more self-training slogans, with a short explanation for each. A good daily reminder to keep on your desk.