About Crane

Crane Wood Stookey


Why Crane?

Crane Stookey works with leaders to achieve two essential goals:

  • Better performance and deeper commitment for your people
  • Greater mastery of your own personal practice of leadership

Crane holds a Masters degree from Harvard University, and is the author of the executive leadership book Keep Your People in the Boat – Workforce Engagement Lessons From the Sea

Crane holds both US and Canadian citizenship, and is available to work internationally.

Crane knows the two sides of leadership. As a Tall Ship officer, Crane has lived and breathed the struggles of command and performance under pressure; leading crews of sailors in the life-threatening conditions of long voyages on sailing ships at sea.

Crane has also studied and taught meditation and mindfulness practices for 30 years.

This unique mix of experience makes Crane one of very few coaches and speakers able to bring together the hard-core skills of “outer leadership” and command under pressure, with the softer skills of “inner leadership” and personal mental performance.

His Generous Leadership approach is now practiced by hundreds of business and organizational leaders around the world.

Video: Generous Leadership

What has Crane done?

Crane is an executive mental-performance coach and corporate educator specializing in generous leadership and change management in complex situations. He brings uniquely experiential on-your-feet elements to all his presentations.

Crane has provided executive mental-performance coaching and leadership support services to senior executives ranging from a multi-national financial services company, to the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, to Canada’s largest independent travel agency. He has presented keynotes on generous leadership to national industry conferences in Canada, the US and Europe.

Crane is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and instructor in Executive and Professional Development at St. Mary’s University.

Praise for Crane’s Work

“For me the essence of leadership is self-awareness. Few leaders effectively manage their own effectiveness. What this training has done for me is help me strengthen the two things that are key for any business leader: having greater awareness so that I see more options, and having greater insight into which option is the right one. When I’m just in reactive mode, responding to the stimulus of the moment, I don’t have the space to see as many options and can’t judge them as clearly. That’s a problem I need to avoid.” Robert Orr, CEO and Managing Partner, Cuna del Mar LP, private equity fund. Participant in the ALIA Master Class program, co-led by Crane

“I have a vision for change in our corporate culture that my work with Crane has helped me clarify and implement. Like a lot of high-pressure international companies, I need to get better alignment between corporate goals and personal goals of employees. This is starting to happen, and things run more smoothly. It’s hard to put in a budget, but it’s very real.

For me, the “measurement” question of what I’ve done in my company and what results that has had is a little missing the point. At my senior level there’s no difference between me at work and me not at work. It’s not work-life balance, it’s how I show up, period. I’m having better interactions with my kids and my managers. There’s more flow. When I treat my company the way I want to treat my kids, everyone thrives.” Patrick, COO, international financial services company, name withheld for coaching confidentiality

“My situation was overwhelming: creating and directing a new program never implemented in this city. With Crane’s guidance I turned it into an opportunity, to create a team that was both independent and collaborative. Crane helped me lead my people to a place of common ground and unified philosophy.” Patricia, Director of Health Care Services. Name withheld for coaching confidentiality

“As a trusted performance advisor to both elite athletes and senior business leaders, I was questioning my abilities and feeling stuck in old habits. I needed a confidant and coach outside my usual circle to help me rediscover my best. With Crane’s guidance and experience in merging personal and professional growth, I clarified my goals and saw how to deliver them with the excellence I expect of myself.” Colin, Senior Consultant, human resources firm. Name withheld for coaching confidentiality