Testimonials / Clients


“Your interest in providing the best presentation possible was very evident and appreciated.  You started off our conference with such a dynamic and creative session.  It will be hard to live up to in the future!” Gerry Hansen, Executive Director, Infection Prevention and Control Canada, National Conference

“Highly recommend it, the way he talks, the way he presents everything in a tremendously easy, understandable way. I used one of his practices the next morning and it really started my day off on the right foot.”Mark Bice, President, Meeting Planners International New England, North East Education Congress

“Crane delivered an incredibly engaging, informative and well-illustrated presentation. He was clear, easy to follow and participants took away key, actionable items on how to enable employees to do their best work. We’ve received excellent feedback on his presentation and highly recommend him as a speaker.”Ellie Swain Ballard, Amherst College Virtual Lecture Series

Coaching: (names withheld for coaching confidentiality)

“I have a vision for change in our corporate culture that my work with Crane has helped me clarify and implement. Like a lot of high-pressure international companies, I need to get better alignment between corporate goals and personal goals of employees. This is starting to happen, and things run more smoothly. It’s hard to put in a budget, but it’s very real.

For me, the “measurement” question of what I’ve done in my company and what results that has had is a little missing the point. At my senior level there’s no difference between me at work and me not at work. It’s not work-life balance, it’s how I show up, period. I’m having better interactions with my kids and my managers. There’s more flow. When I treat my company the way I want to treat my kids, everyone thrives.”Patrick, COO, international financial services company, offices in Halifax, New York and Bermuda

“My situation was overwhelming: creating and directing a new program never implemented in this city. With Crane’s guidance I turned it into an opportunity, to create a team that was both independent and collaborative. Crane helped me lead my people to a place of common ground and unified philosophy.”Patricia, Director of Health Care Services

“As a trusted performance advisor to both elite athletes and senior business leaders, I was questioning my abilities and feeling stuck in old habits. I needed a confidant and coach outside my usual circle to help me rediscover my best. With Crane’s guidance and experience in merging personal and professional growth, I clarified my goals and saw how to deliver them with the excellence I expect of myself.”Colin, Senior Consultant, human resources firm


“For me the essence of leadership is self-awareness. Few leaders effectively manage their own effectiveness. What this training has done for me is help me strengthen the two things that are key for any business leader: having greater awareness so that I see more options, and having greater insight into which option is the right one. When I’m just in reactive mode, responding to the stimulus of the moment, I don’t have the space to see as many options and can’t judge them as clearly. That’s a problem I need to avoid.”Robert Orr, CEO and Managing Partner, Cuna del Mar LP, private equity fund. Participant in the ALIA Master Class program, co-led by Crane

“Crane was a great example of how to effectively teach something new to adults. He gave background and purpose. He gave us minimum specs. He did an example. THEN he asked us to try. Too often I see examples of teaching where the first steps are missing. Crane is a remarkable teacher.”Steve Duff, CEO, Precision BioLogic Inc., on-site training

Other Clients and Events

  • Emergent Learning Conference, Halifax, “Being a leader, not doing ‘leadership’ ”
  • Face to Face Conference, Baddeck, “Being a leader vs. doing ‘leadership': It’s not the same thing!”
  • St. Mary’s University Continuing Education, 2-day class in Leading High Performance Teams, part of Certificate in “Leading Complex Change”
  • St. Mary’s University Continuing Education, Halifax, 2-day course, “Aligning Team and Organization – The Personal Approach”, part of Certificate in “Leading Complex Change”
  • Atlantic Central Youth Forum (Regional Credit Unions), all-day facilitation, “Leading Through Change”
  • Halifax Mentoring Series, Workshop, “Leadership as a Personal Practice”
  • Sport Centre Atlantic, two “Mental Performance Training sessions for National Team middle distance runners and coaches
  • BOMEX National Conference, Halifax, “Renovating Tenants, Refurbishing Staff: The DOs and DON’Ts of People Maintenance”
  • Project World Atlantic Canada, “Leadership and Change Management: Leading Attitudinal Change”
  • Canadian Network Operator’s Consortium ISP Summit, Toronto, Keynote “Keep Your People in the Boat”
  • Amherst College, Virtual Lecture Series, “Keep Your People in the Boat; Leadership Lessons from a Tall Ship Officer
  • Infection Prevention and Control Canada Association Conference, Halifax, Keynote “Keep Your People in the Boat”
  • ALIA Institute Master Class, leading 1-week mindfulness retreat for leaders, Nova Scotia“Journey of Transformation—From Authentic Leadership to Sacred World”
  • Human Resources Professionals Association, webinar, “Leadership and Change Management – It’s Personal”
  • Building Owners and Managers Association, Ottawa, keynote and workshop, “Finding Your Personal Best – How to Change Your Attitude on the Spot”
  • Professional Development Summit, Halifax, workshop, “Leadership and Change Management”
  • Meeting Professionals International, New England Chapter, keynote and workshop, “Keep Your People in the Boat”
  • North End Community Health Clinic , Halifax, Extended Communication and Team Building Workshops
  • Building Owners and Managers Association Nova Scotia, workshop, “The Use and Abuse of Command – How to Lead People to Give Their Personal Best”
  • Sail Training International Annual Conference, La Coruna, Spain, Keynote Address, “Leading Everyone to Their Best”, and workshop session, “Techniques of Attitude Management; How to Lead a Thriving Crew”
  • Canadian Oil Heating Association Annual National Symposium, Halifax, Keynote, “Keep Your People in the Boat”
  • Project World*Business Analyst World Toronto,  Workshop session, “Keep Your People in the Boat – Leading Attitudinal Change”
  • Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada, National Symposium, Halifax, Keynote, “The Generous Leader at Work: The personal approach to leading health and safety”
  • Housing First, Halifax, w-Day Team and Purpose Building Workshop