“Generous Leadership inspires generosity in your team, so everyone gives their personal best.”

Crane Stookey

Video: “How to Practice Generous Leadership”

As a leader, are you frustrated by people bringing you:

  • Helpless questions and leader-dependence?
  • Smoke and mirrors, and hidden agendas?
  • Territoriality and self-protection?
  • More fires to fight, so you never get to go home for dinner?

Through his Keynotes and Executive Performance Coaching, his Workshops, Books and Online Programs,  Crane Stookey helps you lead your people to:

  • Clear results and straight talk
  • Creative solutions and cooperative innovation
  • Resilience, initiative and self-management
  • And you can finally go home for dinner

When you give your people what they need to thrive, they give you their best instead of their worst. That’s how Generous Leadership transforms your workplace. It’s the ultimate attitude management skill.

Crane’s Tall Ship experience gives you real-world crew-building skills for your organization.

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“My work with Crane helped me implement better alignment between corporate goals and the personal goals of employees, and things run more smoothly. It’s hard to put in a budget, but it’s very real.” COO, international financial services company

“You started off our national conference with such a dynamic and creative session.  It will be hard to live up to in the future!” Executive Director, Infection Prevention and Control Canada

Keynote Presentation: Keep Your People in the Boat

An intense work environment can be mentally and emotionally challenging, just like a crowded ship on rough seas. But sailors’ lives depend on getting past this “mental claustrophobia” to give their personal best performance all the time. How can you bring those same attitude management skills for optimum performance to your organization?

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Customized Mental Performance Coaching for Executives

Gain an understanding of how your inner condition is, in fact, trainable through ongoing application of appropriate personal performance and attitude management practices.

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Workshops for Executives or Managers

Crane gives managers and executives tangible skills and simple, daily practices to strengthen their ability to see the ocean instead of just the waves.

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Crane’s Book – Keep Your People in the Boat

197 pages, with 30 pages of practices you can apply to your own leadership today.

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